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Fine Art Gallery


Featuring Tony Pridham

We are thrilled to have Australia's foremost wildlife and bird artist working in our art gallery. You are invited to browse the original artwork and fine art prints on display. Open whenever the Gardens and Maze are open, or by appointment for private viewings.

Come and meet Sidney Nolan's nephew and see why Tony's work is world renowned and widely collected. We are the only gallery to house his work outside the US and Europe.


Inspired by Nature

Tony Pridham is an internationally acclaimed artist, collected by museums, galleries and art connoisseurs around the world. Our gallery is the only one outside of the US, so come and view his work and watch him paint at his easel.

As the grand-nephew of Sidney Nolan, Tony hails from Australian art royalty. Tony’s precocious talent was evident from an early age: with his first attempt, aged 19, he won Best Painting at the prestigious Wildlife Art Society of Australia awards, and while based in London was voted the Best New Young European Bird Painter, and the Best New Artist by the British Wildlife Artist Society.


An artist of extraordinary talent, Tony specialises in subjects of the natural world, painted in the traditions of classical realism, although his recent move into Hyperrealism has led to a shift in his painting style.  His paintings aim to inspire and bring a sense of wonder to the viewer.

Tony is recognised internationally as the foremost living bird artist in Australia.

A keen and knowledgeable naturalist, Tony travels widely searching for new ideas and challenges. His field research has taken him throughout Australia, Europe, USA and Africa. However Tony’s passion for the Australian bush, its wonderful light and its diverse fauna and flora, keep him travelling throughout this continent. Tony has a genuine love for and deep knowledge of the birds and animals he paints.

"What sets Tony’s work apart is that, unlike most artists, he studies the birds he paints in their natural environment so he can capture the unique attitude and movement of each species."

While best known as a bird artist, Tony’s horse portraits and African fauna studies are internationally recognised for their exceptional quality and accuracy. He is a founding member of Artist Ambassadors Against Poaching, a non-profit organisation whose aim is to create awareness of conservation issues through art.

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