...and has created numerous large feature topiaries throughout the gardens for you to discover, Dean a plumber by trade has developed many of the feature gardens and has a love of perfumed roses with over 350 roses now planted throughout the grounds.


Candice and Ben are both grown up  and now have children of their own who love to visit and and find the gnomes and see the progress and growth of the gardens. Jack and Sam are very much a part of the whole process - they soon tell us what they like and dislike about ideas to implement around the gardens that will appeal to other young people...



Proprietors Tracey and Dean Shipley fell in love with mazes after visiting the Ashcome Maze on the Mornington Peninsular. After visiting many other examples with their children Candice, Ben, Jack and Sam they were hooked and decided to plant one of their own!


After finding the perfect 6 acre block in 2003 the dream of becoming keepers of their own maze was one step closer. Dean and Tracey are both avid gardeners and love to spend their time in the garden, and over the past years have spent every spare moment creating not only the maze but a maze of walled gardens.

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